DC & Media: UFOS! Balloons! Meanwhile in Ohio

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6 Responses to DC & Media: UFOS! Balloons! Meanwhile in Ohio

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    I’m becoming convinced that we’re all in a ‘Sim Earth’ game and the player has become bored or has just discovered the ‘Disasters On’ button and clicked it…..

    • I hope they plan to revert to an autosave at some point. There is fun to be had to rebuilding from those fictional disasters, though…my most memorable city in SimCity 3000 was one that I filled every zonable single of the map on (with low-density trailers, cheap factories, parking lots, etc), then spent thirty minutes hammering it with every disaster on the list. The fun came in rebuilding, though, in finding little spots of the map where some things were still working, working to make them larger, and eventually connecting the cells to the point that I could begin wide spread recovery. The city that emerged looked nothing like the old one (it had a massive park where my nuclear plants exploded). I’ve yet to try that in Cities Skylines.

  2. Seems like there’s a lot of “Look over here!!” going on.

    To be honest, I think this is what happens when you have incompetent people in positions of authority. Not just in the media and government, but also in industry, business, and leadership, in general. We are going to continue to see a lot of mistakes, accidents, and bad decision making. Much of it is based in panic (see covid scamdemic lockdowns, masking, and instant pharmaceutical magic) and knowing what to do, as well as covering up and pointing fingers because of a loss of accountability and responsibility. (The adults have not been in charge for a long time.)

    • J.D. Vance said it….”We are ruled by unserious people.” ‘Mayor Pete’, the transportation director, took nearly two weeks to make any comments about it, and Biden recently interviewed that Dylan Mulvaney creature, who is not only a transparent mockery of women (his ‘impression’ is that of a complete airhead/bimbo), but a mockery of those who may actually suffer from dysphoria from brain chemistry issues or whatever.Were it happening in a novel, it would make for morbidly amusing reading.

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