Exciting update

Earlier today at work I received a call from UAB, which at first sounded very routine: I was asked if anything had changed in the last few months. Then “Gregory” announced that they had a possible kidney for me, and how quickly might I be able to get to Birmingham? One fillup and obligatory dash to Walmart later, I’m in my hospital room between various tests. So far the docs are very pleased with me, and surgery, if the bloodwork locks me in, is scheduled for tomorrow. One of the first things I did after I left the hospital last year was purchase a laptop to replace my chromebook, and the wireless is strong here. I’ve got a bag of books, so don’t be surprised if I post away during recovery. I am sure things will go well, but if not — it’s been fun reading with you all.

Until later!

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Citizen, librarian, reader with a boundless wonder for the world and a curiosity about all the beings inside it.
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9 Responses to Exciting update

  1. Woo hoo! That’s great news! I hope everything works out and recovery is quick. Take care and I’ll keep you in my prayers!!

  2. Cyberkitten says:

    Yeah, EXCELLENT news! And there I was thinking you were celebrating getting your Internet back!!

  3. Marian says:

    So glad for you! I’m praying it went well and recovery goes smoothly. ❤

  4. BookerTalk says:

    Gosh that certainly is big news. Hope all goes well for you…..

  5. So glad that you are getting treatment. Hope for your complete recovery and look forward to many more book reviews!

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