2022: A World of Cities

I’m posting this largely for planning purposes. (I’d made the header at some point last year….bit of a shame not to use it!). I have a few titles already in hand for this, and hope to pursue it further in the year. The cities empaneled above are Babylon, Athens, Istanbul, London, and Guangzhou (I think). I would have searched for either Guangzhou or Shanghai to reference China’s exploding metropolitan habit.

Civilization as the Story of Cities

Books on cities in general

The Challenge of Making a City

Books on modern urbanism and infrastructure

Cities in History

Histories of specific cities, especially as they defined, dominated, or epitomized an era in history

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3 Responses to 2022: A World of Cities

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    Cool! I’ll look forward to seeing future reviews. As someone born in the centre of a reasonably large city and who has lived or working in or near cities all my life I do have a fondness for them – although I do prefer living on their edges rather their centres (and not just because of cost!).

    • I have a strange love/hate relationship with them — I’m absolutely fascinated by them, often romanticize them, but they can be overwhelming and stressful. I certainly wouldn’t live in a metro these days given their tendency toward mob disruption and topside tyranny….

      • Cyberkitten says:

        When I started working in the centre of London in the late 80’s I was quite stressed out for about 6 weeks or so. But gradually, even without fully realising it at the time, my system adapted and when I was elsewhere everything seemed so SLOW! I always thought that there was just 2 types of people in the capital – those in a hurry, and those who get in the way of people in a hurry. It was fun for the 6 years I was there but I wouldn’t go back – at least not to live.. Visits are OK though.

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