September 2021

Science Survey

C’est fini! With How Emotions are Made I completed my twelve categories, finishing early for the first time since I instituted the Survey back in 2017. I’ll continue to read science titles, of course.

Classics Club Strikes Back:
The Moon is Down, John Steinbeck
A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Climbing Mount Doom
How Emotions are Made (purchased….2018)
A Guide to the Good Life, Cicero (purchased 2014)
The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe (purchased June 2021)

The Unreviewed:
The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe. This book is an absolute legend, inspiring numerous men and women to pursue their dreams at NASA, and serving as the basis for one of my favorite movies. I’ve rewatched the movie so many times, in fact, that I found it difficult to keep track of where I was in this book — the movie followed the narrative extremely closely.
Blackout, Candace Owens. Review in progress.
A Guide to the Good Life, Cicero. Review in the works.

How Emotions are Made….I really don’t want to dismiss this one with a paragraph. It may take me three years and multiple re-reads (like Happy City), but its day will come.

Unread Purchases:
The Rise of Athens, Anthony Averitt. I may use this for a series I’m contemplating (“A World of Cities”) or it may just be read by itself. I previously read Averitt’s biography of Cicero back in 2009.

Plans for October:

October should be….fun. Science fiction, a little German literature, and perhaps a gothic novel to round out a month steeped in the fantastic, imaginative, and sometimes horrific. We’ll also be hitting a real world horror story: Chernobyl.

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Citizen, librarian, reader with a boundless wonder for the world and a curiosity about all the beings inside it.
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2 Responses to September 2021

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    Looks like fun. I’ve acquired a few books about the Chernobyl disaster over the last year. Now I just need to schedule them! Regarding Cities – You may have noticed I created a new label ‘The City’ a while back. I’m planning on populating it with any City related stuff going forward so it might give you some ideas – if you need any..! I do find them quite fascinating.

    BTW – started ‘The Afghan Campaign’ yesterday. REALLY enjoying it!

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