April 2021

April was an unusual month, as I hit ‘pause’ on a few of my themes to focus on English history & literature. Several holds came in this month, though, prompting me to stray a bit from the theme. In the works presently is Jane Austen’s Persuasion, and there will be at least one more English history title coming up in May that I didn’t get to this month.

Challenge Progress:

Science Survey:

Nothing this month because of Read of England. 5/12 categories filled.

Classics Club Strikes Back:

3 new, bringing us to 8/50 in total.

Captains Courageous, Rudyard Kipling
Black Beauty, Anna Seward
Traveller, Richard Adams

Climbing Mount Doom:

Sword and Serpent, Taylor Marshall

Southern History/Literature:

Traveller, Richard Adams. (Sort of?)

The Unreviewed

We Have Been Harmonized: Life in China’s Surveillance State, Kai Strittmatter.
The Tech-Wise Family, Andy Crouch.
The Church Impotent : The Feminization of Christianity, Leon Podles. More interesting than I’d anticipated.
Grandma Gatewood’s Walk, Ben Montgomery. The story of the first woman to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in ’56.

I’ll be posting reviews or comments for these within the next few days: I’ve been holding off because of RoE.

The Newly Bought:

The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe. Thrift store buy.
Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. Thrift store buy, and considerably cheaper than everything else. Paradise Lost will be a CCSB entry.
The Day of the Triffids, John Wyndham. Thrift store buy. I’m thinking of doing a SF sweep in October.
Star Trek: How Much for Just the Planet? Thrift store buy.
Elizabeth’s London, Liza Picard. Amazon, on sale for $4.
Dr. Johnson’s London, Liza Picard. Amazon, on sale for $4.

May Goals

To read nothing but books I already own. Fingers crossed!

About smellincoffee

Citizen, librarian, reader with a boundless wonder for the world and a curiosity about all the beings inside it.
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2 Responses to April 2021

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    Interested to see what you thought of: We Have Been Harmonized! I’m guessing it was something between depression and horror! [grin]

    Triffids is GOOD and Right Stuff is on my longer term ‘interest’ list.

    I should have some interesting books to review soon that you’ll find worth checking out.

    • Absolutely appalling — and BEYOND creepy. It actively makes me wish ill upon the Chinese state, like an environmental calamity terrible enough to break it. I usually avoid that kind of thinking, but the Party and its state are just….bone-chillingly creepy.

      Triffids caught my eye because an older friend of mine talks about the movie that was filmed on it…and of course, you know I love anything about Apollo&Skylab!

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