Then and now

“Know where this is?” someone asked, and showed me their phone. I had to stare in fasciantion. I knew that “AMERICAN” sign, all right. I’d driven by it enough times on my way to high school on those long morning drives up to north Dallas County.

Although I assumed Plantersville’s main street had been livelier in earlier times, I didn’t appreciate how genuinely ‘townlike’ it was until I saw this shot. For my entire life, Plantersville has consisted of a combined gas station & general store. Fun fact: this grassy area above is where I once terrified my driver’s ed teacher by accidentally drifting off the road. And yes, that’s a deer on a stick. It presumably inspired both of these shots.

There is absolutely no trace of the depot remaining these days, and that pump was selling gas for $0.75 per gallon when it stopped service.

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4 Responses to Then and now

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    I do LOVE old photographs (as you can probably tell from my Blog!). They do show both how much has changed and how much has stayed the same….

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