(Not) the Top Ten Authors I’ve Read Most

This week’s TTT, bloggers are sharing the top ten authors they’ve read the most books by….but my top ten won’t have changed too much since the last time we did this in ’15 (lots of kid-lit heavyweights), so I’m going to  go beyond the likes of Asimov (70+) and Cornwell (49) to review the next tier of my most-read authors.   The numbers come from Goodreads.

  1. C.S. Lewis, 17 entries.  I’ve become increasingly fond of “Jack” since 2015,  first seduced by his Narnia books, and then by Surprised by Joy  He’s become a reading habit since, although I often don’t post reviews for his works because I’m still chewing on them. (The Screwtape Letters, The Weight of Glory, The Abolition of Man, and On Other Worlds are all Lewis titles I’ve read but not reviewed.)
  2. David Mack, Destroyer of Worlds. 17 entries.  Mack wrote Star Trek: Destiny,  easily the most generally-lauded Trek trilogy out there.  He’s also done other high-profile books, like the epic end to the Mirror, Mirror series.
  3. Robert Harris, 14 entries  I don’t know of a historical fiction writer whose work is more varied.Roman history? Cold War thrillers? Contemporary British politics?  French conspiracies? Stock market A.I. run amock? Post-apocalyptic neo-medieval?  Whatever your pleasure, Harris has you sorted.
  4. Wendell Berry, 14 entries.   I have such affection for this gentle Kentucky farmer I hesitate to start talking about him, lest I write a paper! Between his yearnful Port https://thisweekatthelibrary.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/7e973-butididnotlovetroy.jpgWilliam novels and his numerous essay collections on agriculture, culture, and society,   I’ve read quite a bit of him and hope to read still more.
  5. Will and Aerial Durant, 13 titles.  These two would hold the record for Sheer Number of Pages Read, since their Story of Civilization books pegged a thousand pages on the regular.
  6. Bill Bryson, 13 titles.   Eh, you all know Bryson, author of many grumpy travel guides and far more amusing general-interest books.sagan
  7. Carl Sagan, 10 titles.   Sagan is my favorite science author (no one tell Isaac),  and whenever I’m low I’ll listen to recordings of him talking.
  8. Christopher L. Bennett. 10 titles.Another prolific Trek writer, Bennett’s books are science-rich. He was my first favorite author of the Relaunch era, but Mack overcame my loyalty.    However!  Bennett carries the distinction of being the only Trek author who I’ve read their own original works for.
  9. Rick Riordan. Author of several fantasy series whose books all have the same plot. A chaos monster is going to destroy the universe in two weeks on the solstice/equinox and a trio of teenage demigods is our only hope. Can they fight off monsters and adolescent drama to win?  (Yes, but it won’t matter because there’s always another chaos monster.) This story comes in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse flavors, and I read 10 iterations of it.  I like them, honest!
  10.  At nine titles,  I’ve a four-way tie between Michael Crichton,  J.K. Rowling, C.S. Forester, and Kurt Vonnegut.    Four fairly different authors, to say the least!


Still the king!

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20 Responses to (Not) the Top Ten Authors I’ve Read Most

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    Agree on Harris, I have a bunch of his to come. Never a dull moment with him! I’ve read LOTS of Asimov over the nears but only probably 50% of his output *at best*. I’m considering (re)reading his Foundation series (plus the additional few) prior to the new ‘TV’ series moving to DVD at some point in the distant future.

    • I’ve read all of his adult novels save for End of Eternity. Considering he legitimately wrote hundreds of books and claimed authorship for more (on the basis of editing or contributing to them), I doubt either of us could ever approach finishing his works! Most of his histories aren’t even purchasable unless you’ve deep pockets.

      • Cyberkitten says:

        I have around 50 of his books including a few duplicate editions. I checked out some of his non-fiction online a while back. EXPENSIVE! I read him voraciously in my teens/20’s and he no doubt had a big impact on me. I think I have 4-5 of us unread in various piles. No doubt they’ll emerge at some point. I have one of his edited collections coming up in a set of Robot related SF starting soon(ish).

      • Ooh, fun! I have 2 of his science/nature books on my TBR pile…one on astronomy, one on geology.

  2. lydiaschoch says:

    Carl Sagan’s work is amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by my post earlier.

  3. Great list! I’ve dipped into about half the authors you listed with the Durants and Sagan being the closest to favorites of mine. I guess I should finish that great history series and perhaps read a few more of Bill Bryson’s adventures.

  4. Patrick Prescott says:

    I heartily agree Asimov is the King. How could I have forgotten Lewis, that brought to mind Tolkien who I also forgot. https://pmprescott.blogspot.com/2020/07/ttt-070720.html

  5. I enjoy reading Bill Bryson’s books!
    Here’s my TTT list.

  6. Mudpuddle says:

    i was immersed in Asimov and Heinlein in my youth: treasured memories… it felt like the bottom dropped out when Carl Sagan passed; i’ve read a lot of his books: no one around like that today, i think… i’ll have to check Harris out… great list!

  7. I am a total dumb dumb for leaving Crichton off my list. As expected, I blame Goodreads for taking away one of my favorite functions!

  8. I’ve read a lot of Rick Riordan too. Until this week, I didn’t know that Bill Bryson had written so many books. I’ve only read 1!

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