Corona Diary #8

Well, the partial re-opening lasted exactly a month. In the face of skyrocketing ‘rona rates across the state, and particularly in the county,  the library today shifted back to curbside-only.   (Since May 18th, we have been following a split schedule:  9-1 open with masks required, 1 to 5 curbside only.)  Some people are relieved, others disappointed; I just go with the flow.   The entire library staff took turns being tested this morning, an experience  I won’t remember fondly.  I found it even more uncomfortable than my visits to the dentist.

The last month with the split schedule has been a positive experience — we were all happy to see most of our regulars back, and traffic was just starting to feel ‘normal’ when the hard decision to close the doors again had to be made.   But, we had anticipated having to retreat; it was the reason we were only slowly easing open.   I’ve gone hiking a few more time, and even bought a pair of binoculars,  but so far I’ve yet to turn them on anything more interesting than a sparrow.

On a quick blog-related note…since we’re approaching the end of June and the hastening of Independence Day, don’t be surprised if American history suddenly makes a strong showing soon!

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4 Responses to Corona Diary #8

  1. Marian says:

    That’s a bummer … I kinda figured a second closing was inevitable though, in general, with people taking risks as they do. We’re sort of in a weird half-open state right now in WA. I was hoping for some kind of normal by July 4…wishful thinking 😆

  2. Mudpuddle says:

    just as wacky here… like Marian says (she lives north of me not too far)… lots of crazy traffic and most people not wearing masks; a friend of Ms. M was accosted on the street by a trumper type who objected to her wearing a mask… scary out there… here, anyway…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d heard about the mask thing. How protecting yourself & others against a virus is a political act is beyond me…. [shakes head]

      • This is the 21st century. Everything is politics, which is why I’m increasingly a grumpy hermit. I’m going to be worse than Ed Abbey before the decade is out.

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