18 Miles

18 Miles: The Epic Drama of Our Atmosphere and its Weather
© 2018 Christopher Dewdney
272 pages


Maybe it’s a life spent watching the skies for signs of tornadoes talking, but few everyday things strike me as more dramatic than the drama overhead  —  the goings-on of this ocean of air in which we live. 18 Miles  is an enthusiast’s guide to understanding a little of what goes on above, and its effect on us  — past, present, and future.  Dewdney begins by exploring the various layers of the atmosphere, then examines its internal drama: clouds, wind,  precipitation, storms, and more. The book wanders a bit toward the end,  reviewing moments in which weather has influenced history.   18 Miles is unusual for a science book in that its subject has been of interest to all humans, at all times and places —  and  that universal interest is expressed here through the frequent and much-appreciation inclusion of poetry and art.  The author’s own prose is artful in itself,   often stirring  the spirit as well as stimulating the mind.   When I looked up the author to see what else he’d written,  I was not overmuch surprised to see that he’s published volumes of poetry. Although it lost strength as it progressed, there’s much to appreciate in 18 Miles.
I previously shared some excerpts from the book; they may found here.

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2 Responses to 18 Miles

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah, the weather….. NEVER a dull topic! Thankfully I only look out for rain rather than tornadoes or hurricanes!!

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