Corona Diaries #2

So begins week two of ….well, whatever this is, this strange moment in time we’re all experiencing together.    The library’s curbside service has been well received by the community, promoted by the paper and those of us on facebook, and so our mornings  have kept us busy on the run — fetching papers to fax/scan/etc, bringing out books, that sort of thing.   The library has maintained its regular hours throughout the weekday, but we’re now closed on Saturdays. They are normally a quieter day, save for peaks around lunch time (11-2), so I wasn’t surprised we’ve suspended them for the time being. We used to them as catch-up days to work on attention-heavy projects, but now most of our afternoons are that way.

Outside the library….the stores are still looking shellacked, as far as rice/flour/meat/TP go.  I haven’t heard of any supply chain interruptions, so I assume we’re merely continuing to enact Kay’s Law.  I can only wonder how much milk is being wasted by people who buying gallons at a time!  I’m not personally stressed about this; I’m a mild prepper, so I’ve canned goods and stuff in the freezer.   The crisis has prompted me to think about upping my mild-prepper game, though, after things start going back to normal.  I notice the stores have put out little signs urging people to only take one (Walmart), or advising customers that buying more than one bottle of medicinal alcohol per day is now forbidden by store policy (Winn-Dixie).  Of course,   people will circumvent that, but if prices on those goods were raised to force  people to think twice about buying three twelve packs of toilet paper, we’d scream price gouging.  Both of these stores are also closing earlier in the evening — at 7 and 8 instead of 10 and midnight.   According to the news, this is to allow for more time for stocking and sanitizing. I noticed on Saturday that buggies (er, shopping carts for those of you who weren’t born in the South) were being cleaned as they were returned.

On a personal note, I fail at social distancing.  On Saturday I went for  a walk in the park with a friend,  followed by an evening of card-playing at my sister’s house, and on Sunday I spent most of the day a friend’s house, yakking and watching movies.  I’ve been a proper recluse the rest of the week, though.  I’m almost finished with The Beast, a book about the migrant woes in Mexico, and  have been getting my Read of England books all lined up.    COVID-19 may kill my Sunday breakfasts with friends,  my  Wednesday book bunches, my gym time — but my literary visits to England, never!  So far  I have a mix of history and historical fiction….more details on the first!



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7 Responses to Corona Diaries #2

  1. Mudpuddle says:

    what’s Kay’s law?

  2. great book study says:

    I was just going to ask…about Kay’s Law. LOL! So true.

    Yeah, what is it w/ the TP? I understand the rice and meat…and pasta, but TP? I overheard the butcher at my local store tell another customer that there would be a lot of rotting food at the end of week one. So sad. And makes me so mad!

    • I can only speculate. Maybe some people thought we’d all have to hole up indoors for a month and decided to get a good TP supply, and then others heard there was a run on TP and decided to buy some extra before those other crazy people took it all, and it just snowballed..

  3. Mudpuddle says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Food waste will be going through the roof in the coming months. At least ‘TP’ doesn’t go off though!

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