Science education meets anime

A friend of mine told me “You like biology, right? You have to watch Cells at Work on YouTube.  Now, this friend introduced me to StarCraft, so I respect his opinion.  I searched it up yesterday fully expecting a well-done and perhaps innovative documentary about the life of cells. What I found was….

Well, it almost has to speak for itself. Imagine an anime where the characters are human blood cells, their environment is the human body, and their enemies are bacteria!


These are the opening titles in Japanese, although halfway through the season there are also English ones. (That, or I’ve somehow learned Japanese through osmosis. I highly doubt this, however.)    The series on Netflix has English vocals, though the Japanese origin of the show still comes through in characters’ mannerism (bowing in apology, for instance) and the architecture.  I’ve never watched anime before, aside from a few episodes of Pokemon back in the day (before the Forever War, even), so for me this sudden exploration has double interest. I’m nine episodes in!

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3 Responses to Science education meets anime

  1. Marian says:

    Ooh, another one for my “binge on Netflix trial” list. 🙂 This vaguely reminds me of a Magic School Bus episode, except with more symbolism and action(?!).

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