And now, for something completely different:

Yesterday I spent the day in the area of Mobile, Alabama, and Dauphin Island, the latter of which is breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve never been to Mobile, but I wanted to visit because it seems so strange; a city technically part of Alabama, but so far away from the rest of the state, and so very different from it, that it might as well be a world away. Click on these for a larger view..

A ship that participated in a naval skirmish reenactment in the bay. 
Part of the naval action, though it’s hard to tell given all the pleasure craft. 
The USS Alabama, a WW2-era battleship parked in the bay. I didn’t visit on this day, since I plan on making a slightly more extended Mobile visit in the future.
Yours truly, mooning over the sight of the ocean and ships while taking a ferry.
Part of the battlements of Fort Morgan
Watching a naval battle take place between oil derricks,  beyond a fleet of pleasure boats, and underneath flying tour helicopters is a little surreal.  I’m used to reenactments because Selma hosts one every year, but our park has the advantage of seclusion; the only outside element that intrudes is a water tower. 

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5 Responses to And now, for something completely different:

  1. CyberKitten says:

    Interesting. I've been to a few English Civil War recreations and they didn't feel *too* surreal – but I know what you mean here!

    Sounds like a fun day.

  2. CyberKitten says:

    Oh, I'm reading something at the moment which I think you'd like. I'm only 3 chapters in (and weeks away from a review) but thought I'd let you know anyway.

    It's 'Americans in Paris – Life and Death under Nazi Occupation 1940-1944' by Charles Glass. Definitely your thing. [grin]

  3. I would think that the sheer scale of a naval battle re-eneactment would set it apart from land-based ones, no matter how many anachronistic elements were around.

    I toured that battleship and that submarine that are in Mobile Bay. Interesting experience! I've never visited Dauphin Island but Fort Morgan looks and sounds familiar. Is it near Gulf Shores? If so, I think I visited it on a family vacation.

  4. James says:

    This excellent commentary and photos explore a world new to me. I am reminded of Tony Horwitz's great book, Confederates in the Attic ( ), that you reviewed earlier this year. More traditional but also enlightening.

  5. @Cyberkitten:
    It's an angle I'd never considered before, to be sure! I'll see if I can find a local library with a copy..

    @As the Crowe Flies:
    Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores are quite close together. I saw signs for Gulf Shores businesses while driving away from Fort Morgan — I came by ferry, then drove away on a longer land route.) I've been to the battleship and sub, but not since I was six or so. I was so young at the time I thought the ship was taking us somewhere!

    Civil War fascination is as part of the South's environment as mosquitos — it's easy to get bitten!

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