Teaser Tuesday (15 March)

Teaser Tuesday again, from Should Be Reading.

“People don’t have to lease expensive office space in top-end buildings like Croker Concourse, but they can’t defer their food consumption function.”
“Can’t defer their food consumption function?”
“They have to eat. Every day.”

p. 74, A Man in Full. Tom Wolfe

Next one isn’t censor-friendly —

What would Epictetus have done with this bunch? What could he have done? How could you apply his lessons two thousand  years later, in this grimy gray pod,  this pigsty full of beasts who grunted about motherfuckin’ this and motherfuckin’ that and turning boys into B-cats and jookin’ punks? And yet…were they really any worse than Nero and his Imperial Guard? Epictetus spoke to him! — from half a world and two thousand years away! The answer was somewhere in these pages!

p. 410-411,  A Man in Full.

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11 Responses to Teaser Tuesday (15 March)

  1. Aisle B says:

    hmmmm defer…. nope… just can't do it… MUST EAT! 🙂

  2. Marg says:

    Usually multiple times every day!

    Here is my teaser for this week.

  3. jlshall says:

    Two fine teasers! I've got this one on my TBR list – I always enjoy Tom Wolfe.

    Here's my tease.

  4. Beth F says:

    And usually more than is good for us!

  5. I am intrigued by your teaseer! I have to check it out!

    Here is my Teaser Tuesday: Therapy by Sedastian Fitzek post!

  6. Great teasers….thanks for sharing.


  7. Sandy Ruth says:

    I've read this book and highly recommend it. GREAT teasers.

  8. Interesting teasers, stop and see mine.

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