Teaser Tuesday (20/7)

Tues·day   (tūz’dē, -dā’, tyūz’-)
n. (Abbr. Tues. or Tue. or Tu or T)
The third day of the week. Appropriate for submitting teasers, esp. for books.

[Middle English Tuesdai, from Old English Tīwesdæg, Tiu’s day : Tīwes, genitive of Tīw, Tiu; see Tiu + dæg, day (translation of Latin diēs Mārtis, Mars’ day).]

By tradition, the dark forest is dangerous for innocent pilgrims such as ourselves; we enter at risk. In the myths of Western civilization, the forest represents a place beyond the bounds of the known world, a place where pilgrims and hunters get lost, where you may encounter wild beasts, evil dwarfs, witches, gnomes, and snarling trolls. Magical transformations take place here, bears become princes, fairy courts hold torchlit processions by night, wayward children are captured by witches and become toads, damsels disappear for a hundred years until they are restored to life by the kiss of an adventurous knight.

p. 15, Walking Towards Walden. John Hanson Mitchell.

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3 Responses to Teaser Tuesday (20/7)

  1. jewelknits says:

    I LOVE that teaser! That's enough by itself to make you want to buy the whole book!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

    My teaser: http://jewelknits.blogspot.com/2010/07/teaser-tuesday-july-20-2010.html

  2. jlshall says:

    Wonderful teaser! Makes me a little nervous, though. I've never really liked forests – don't like clumps of trees so thick you can't see through, around, or over them!

  3. Truly, I adore reading your teaser intros. This one was particularly inspiring! 😉

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