A thought of Thanksgiving

A year ago I was hospitalized with what could have been a life-ending illness. When I was told that I had chronic kidney disease and would need to be on dialysis for the forseeable future, I thought my life was pretty much over. Instead, a year later I’m the undeserving recipient of a kidney transplant. I’m in a meaningful relationship with a wonderful woman, and I’ve collected a few IT certifications. More importantly, I’ve developed a greater and more intense appreciation for life, the people within mine, and the zeal to make the most out of every day. Even if I hadn’t received the transplant, I could only stand in awe of the blessings of the last year — the people I’ve met, the strength I’ve found and been given. It has been a humbling experience, and I can only respond with gratitude and the resolve to live more worthily.

About smellincoffee

Citizen, librarian, reader with a boundless wonder for the world and a curiosity about all the beings inside it.
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1 Response to A thought of Thanksgiving

  1. “To live more worthily …” great words and something to which we should all aspire. I’m truly happy that you have health, a meaningful relationship and a balanced and positive outlook. Keep influencing those around you and take care!

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