Read of England, 2021!

Bang upon the big drum, crash upon the cymbals — it’s April 1st, and time to Read of England. This is an annual tradition at ReadingFreely in which I devote the month’s reading to English literature and English history. I’ve a fresh box of Earl Grey and no shortage of prospects , from Classic Club entries (Jane Austen, anymore?) to revisiting some favorite writers of historical fiction, to Old Faithful: history. There may also be a book on English literary personalities, and perhaps a dragon or two. Why not? Some hints of what’s to come….

Captains Courageous, the story of a young boy forced to become a man at sea. The Sea Wolf, about an effete young man who makes the same journey after being rescued at sea, sounds as though it may have been inspired by Kipling. We’ll see how similar they are!

A Visitor’s Guide to Jane Austen’s England. I almost got this and A Visitors Guide to Georgian England as a pair, but I missed the sale on the latter. Next time!

Two brothers saved from the hangman’s noose go to France to fight for their king.

“Last night I dreamt I was at Manderly again”, and that’s all I know. I think there’s a dead wife haunting the place?

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2 Responses to Read of England, 2021!

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    Always a fun month for me – seeing things from the other side of ‘The Pond’! Plus even more ideas of future reading (as always)

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