2017’s pie

Every year I like to  load up my books-read Excel list, sort it by labels, count everything up, and then make a chart out of it.  Every year’s label sets are a little different, aside from old reliables like History and Science.   Historical fiction is safe, too, even though it was waaaaaay down from previous years.  Fiction in general was down, accounting for roughly 25% of what I read. I used Meta-Chart.com instead of Chartgo, and I’m pleased with the result, except for the font size.  Right now to make it readable I’ve had to expand the chart so that it’s clipping into the sidebar.

Just for comparison’s sake — 2017 was my ten-year anniversary, so why not? — here are some  previous years’ pie charts.




2013 (my favorite)


Unfortunately, prior to 2012 I was using photobucket or imageshack to host the graph, so those are kaput.

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8 Responses to 2017’s pie

  1. R.T. says:

    Impressive! Curious: what do the numbers mean in the 2016 chart? # of books? Over what span of time? Yikes!

  2. Marian H says:

    What a cool idea…I enjoy the wide range of topics you cover on this blog, and it's neat to see the actual breakdown. Congrats on a decade of blogging!

  3. Mudpuddle says:

    amazing! i didn't know one could do that sort of thing on the computer… call me mr. ignorant, i guess…

  4. Brian Joseph says:

    I love these charts. I am also impressed that your reading is so eclectic. I see that History being the biggest slice of the pie is a constant.

  5. Stephen says:

    2014 was the year I couldn't find the setting to render the information as percentages, so that's the actual number of books there — covering the entire year.

  6. Stephen says:

    I wasn't sure myself until a google search gave me the answer. I'd been trying to do it on Excel, but using the websites was easier.

  7. Stephen says:

    Yep! The only year that wasn't the case was 2007: from May to Dec I read slightly more science than history. I didn't record what I was reading the first half of the year, though..that early summer was when I had the idea to start gabbing about reading on MySpace.

  8. CyberKitten says:

    Always impressed by your range and am still rather intrigued that we're interested in the same sort of thing but *still* pick very different books in those areas in common. Looking forward to what you read in 2018.BTW – Just about to finish a book on the Luddites I think you'll like.

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