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Zeta hit last night. Surreal 3 hrs, I will say. Total power loss in county. Will be days before I’m back online. No damage to my home but many friends and famy were not so lucky. I’ve been cleaning up … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: The gift of now

This WW is taken from a Star Trek novel, Storming Heaven by David Mack “Be glad for all the places you get to be, and everyone you meet along the way. It’s human nature to focus on beginnings or endings, … Continue reading

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Top Ten Favorite Quotes

Top ten favorite quotations from books is a…daunting challenge,  to say the least. I’ve been reading purposefully since 2006,  and have encountering a great many challenging or insightful words since then. I am sorry that these all run together,   but … Continue reading

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Corona diary with extra corona

This update is a bit different because I’m typing on my phone. I’m making arrangements now for a 2 week quarantine. Unfortunately, I have the plague. It’s a mild thing — I would not have thought to test for it … Continue reading

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Quick note

The gulf’s hurricanes have been ignoring Alabama for a couple of years now, hitting states on either side of us. I can’t say that we mind, but the windy hiatus is over. One is expected to roll in tomorrow right … Continue reading

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Classics Club Run I: Final List

The Epic of Gilgamesh, trans. Danny Jackson (12/4/2016) The Aeneid, Virgil (2/20/2019) The Histories, Herodotus (10/3/2019) The Conquest of Gaul, Julius Caesar (2/05/2019) The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. I, Edward Gibbon (09/02/2019) One Thousand and One … Continue reading

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Selections from 40 interviews across 15 years on liberty & empire

  Review of book “We’ve had lots of Coast Guard members in the Persian Gulf, because they’re over there protecting terminals and things. If we’re thinking about the responsibility of the federal government protecting us, why wouldn’t we have the … Continue reading

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Literary humor in RDR2

I’m currently wrapping up my fourth playthrough of RDR2, and am continuing to discover new things.  Recently while looting the body of some poor unfortunate (he had a case of bad manners, which I remedied with liberal application of fisticuffs) … Continue reading

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Related Videos: Losing an Enemy

A few months ago I read Losing an Enemy, written by Trita Parsi on the Joint Plan of Action, also known as “The Iran Deal”.     I just discovered a ten-minute clip from Parsi in a TED talk reviewing the history … Continue reading

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In Remembrance

It’s a day quickly only remembered by historians, but I can’t see June 6 without thinking of that night and morning in which young men threw themselves into darkness and death to fight against a genuine enemy of civilization.  In … Continue reading

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