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Before and After “Break Up With Your Phone”: A Mindfulness Exercise

Wednesday, October 2 2019  I’m about to read How to Break Up With Your Phone, and as an exercise in mindfulness,  I wanted to share my thoughts both before and after. I believe I have a healthy relationship with my … Continue reading

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This has nothing to do with reading, but last night I celebrated a huge milestone. My student loans are….no more! Vanquished! Signing my master promissory note in summer 2007,  preparing to go to college: Making the final-final payment of $0.16 … Continue reading

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Tick, tick, tick

It’s October 1,  meaning only three months remain  in 2019 to meet my reading goals.  How am I doing?  Classics Club: I am slightly ahead of  schedule, despite at one point being a month and a half behind.  However,  the … Continue reading

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How we communicated on 9/11

“Pagers, Pay Phones, and Dial Up: How We Communicated on 9/11“ I largely avoided social media and the internet yesterday because of the significance of the day. It wasn’t anything pious, a deliberate remembrance;  but I knew what the topic … Continue reading

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A purloined book survey

I’m shamelessly stealing this from Cyberkitten! What is your average monthly budget for books? Officially, my entertainment budget allots $20 for books.  It is usually exceeded a little bit. $30 would be fairer, but I’ve decided to place myself under … Continue reading

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How To Be Your Own Bodyguard

How To Be Your Own Bodyguard: Self defense for men and women from a lifetime of protecting clients in hostile environment © 2011 Nick Hughes 326 pages What can you do to protect yourself in the event of a natural … Continue reading

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Reading about an ever-changing world

I don’t know if anyone else has an active interest in foreign policy or geopolitics, but it’s the bulk of my political reading, and I’m constantly on the hunt for interesting new takes.  Bold items in the list below are … Continue reading

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