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Casebook of the Black Widowers

Casebook of the Black Widowers © 1980 Isaac Asimov 222 pages Readers who have been with me since last summer know how delighted I was to find the Black Widower mystery series. In the year since, I have checked out … Continue reading

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The Return of the Black Widowers

The Return of the Black Widowers© 2003 Isaac Asimov, ed. Harlan Ellison304 pages As regular readers know, I greatly enjoy Isaac Asimov’short story collections, and in particular his Black Widower series. The Black Widower stories are “cozy” mysteries, in which … Continue reading

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Puzzles of the Black Widowers

I’ve been reading Puzzles of the Black Widowers on and off for a couple of months now. Rather than reading it straight through, I’d read a puzzle or two whenever I ran out of my weekly reading. This morning, I … Continue reading

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Top Ten Books I Read and Read Again

Today Top Ten Tuesday is celebrating its tenth birthday. I’ve been participating off and on since a month or so after its inception, and I’ve enjoyed it over the years. Today its host is asking readers to revisit or expand … Continue reading

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What I Read in 2009

Continuing in my attempts to make 2007 – 2010 legible in terms of the books I read, below is everything from 2009.  At 218 books, it stands as my biggest year on record, and the closest I’ve come to rivaling … Continue reading

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What I Read in 2008

As mentioned a few days ago,  I’m presently creating lists of books read for the first four years of this blog, from the days before I’d adopted that useful practice. I’ve discovered in the process that many titles trigger flashes … Continue reading

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Ten Stories by Isaac

Back in 2007, I discovered Isaac Asimov’s short stories and became a trifle obsessed with him, to the point that I have an entire bookcase devoted to his short stories, essays, novels and books.  Lately I’ve been feeling the itch … Continue reading

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The Union Club Mysteries

The Union Club Mysteries© 1987 Isaac Asimov210 pages Evening falls in New York City, and inside the aristocratic Union Club, four gentlemen sit ensconced in their usual chairs in the club library. Three talk softly among themselves while a fourth … Continue reading

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Top Ten Books I Want to Re-Read

This week, the Broke and the Bookish are musing over books they’d like to re-read. 1. The Black Widowers Series, Isaac Asimov(Tales of the Black Widowers, More Tales of the Black Widowers, Casebook of the Black Widowers, Banquets of the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Beach Reads

Road trip! Vacation! Quick, I need ten books to pass the time with.  (From the Broke and the Bookish.) 1. The Rainmaker, John Grisham.A favorite hen I’m going anyplace, Rainmaker is thick yet small enough to fit easily in my jeans … Continue reading

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